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Monster Highway

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Monster Highway is an award winning board game where 2-4 players are building roadways using tiles to get to your Home Base. After a nuclear meltdown at a power plant, the lake next to it was quickly saturated with radioactivity. An alligator in the lake transforms into a road smashing, car crushing monster. Be the first to build your roadway and drive your car from ground zero to your home base to win the game. Beware of the monster and of your opponents. No one is safe on Monster Highway!

To start players are all dealt at random 5 road tiles and 1 monster buster card for their hand.

On your turn roll the two specialty dice that have images of a car, monster or road. If road comes up, play a road tile from your hand. If a car comes up, roll the six sided die to see how many spaces your car can move. If monster comes up, draw a monster card and see what space the "monster" lands on.

The goal is to create a roadway out of road tiles that leads from the center of the board "ground zero" to the players home base. The player's car moves along the road built and once the car makes it to home base, that player wins the game.

Game Contents

1 Game Board, 67 Tiles, 30 Monster Cards, 4 Player Reference Cards, 4 Wooden Car Pieces, 1 Monster Piece, 1 Card Stand, 2 Specialty Dice, 1 Car Movement Die

Monster Highway - How To Play Video

Learn to Play Monster Highway

Rules - Download the official Rules here

FAQ - Download the official "Frequently Asked Questions" list here


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We were fortunate enough to win the "Hidden Gem" award for Monster Highway. To hear more about this award, you can view it here and listen to their podcast. 



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